Tax Advice


SkatteInform's employees are a team of tax consultants State-Authorised Accountants, who specialize in knowledge of tax cases and tax law.


Our expertise ensures that both the legal and economic aspects of your case are taken into consideration. Our tax experts can bring cases to the National Tax Tribunal.


We create a thorough review of your options for optimizing your tax. We provide an overview of your financial situation and provide a long-term tax optimization strategy, creating value for you and your business.


We can advise you and your company on both Danish and international tax rules.


For companies, we are available in connection with ongoing operations, we are experts in the purchase and sale of companies and properties. We consider the tax aspects that may occur, as a result of such transactions. In addition, we have extensive experience in advising company structures and restructuring, including handovers, generational change and company conversion.


On a personal level, we are highly skilled at planning relocation, relocation staffing and posting. Over the years, we have had many cases in this area. Therefore, we have extensive experience with matters in these fields. At the same time, we are experts on double-taxation and social security.


We can advise on taxation of foreign pension schemes, taxation of options or warrants and planning taxation according to special arrangements, including the Corporate Tax Scheme, the Research Tax Scheme, the Nordic Taxation Agreement, international commuters, etc. If you have a rental property, we can assist in the preparation of rental accounts and taxation according to favorable tax arrangements.


We have listed examples of our services below:


  • We calculate your taxable income and file your tax return.
  • We provide advice for rules on taxpayers with limited liability to Denmark.
  • Tax optimization through the Corporate Tax Scheme, etc.
  • Taxation of pilots, researchers and border guards.
  • We assist in calculating profit / loss on the sale of real estate.
  • We calculate your income from shares from Danish and foreign assets, including restricted stock options, employee shares, etc.
  • We lead tax cases for both private individuals and businesses.
  • Tax-free business conversion and organizational change.
  • Advice on taxation of major shareholders and management.
  • Rules on taxation of employee benefits.
  • Estate Taxation - as well as property tax and tax on gifts.


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