Success Stories


Annual tax statement or Tax return

In March 2022, annual tax statements will be sent out to all Danish taxpayers, who receive an automatic tax statement. Pay attention to whether you need to file a Tax return. If you are one of those who are required to file a Tax return and do not, your annual tax statement will most certainly be incorrect, as the Danish Tax authorities will need extra information from you, which they would usually not ask for. It can be an expensive and very cumbersome process.


It can be of huge inconvenience for you if you do not file a tax return when you are covered by the rules with to file a tax return.


We can make a difference for you with foreign income – the Danish Tax Agency is collecting illegal taxes.

On behalf of our customers with foreign income, we have complained to the Head of Legal Security at the Danish Tax Agency about the very slow case processing, which has led to the Danish Tax Agency withholding or collecting illegal taxes. The Danish Tax Agency has partly given us an apology and in addition they are now working on the cases and on improving their business procedures.


We can also make a difference for you.



The Wrong Decision from Skattestyrelsen


Skattestyrelsen was wrong

In several cases Skattestyrelsen (The Danish Tax Authorities) have made the wrong decision. The wrong decision means that the taxpayer has to pay too much tax. Too much tax in Denmark could be a lot of money. In this case, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of DKK.


Tax due to an Auditing Error


Multi-million crown tax demand from the Danish Tax Authorities (SKAT)

A client came to us in desperate need of help after receiving a multi-million crown tax demand from the Danish Tax Authorities (SKAT). The demand resulted from an auditing error. Inge Nilsson found the mistake and figured out how to fix it. Her expertise saved both the auditor and the client a great deal of money and stress.


Availability Taxation

The Danish Tax Authorities (SKAT) strictly enforce the rules about availability tax on major shareholders.

Accountants are rarely able to win the cases because it is so difficult to prove the intentions and reasoning behind actions taken many years ago. We were able to overcome the obstacles, with great results for our clients.


Crushing Debt Becomes Savings


Unfair personel tax claim

This case centered on an unfair personal tax claim of approximately two million crowns. The Danish Tax Authorities (SKAT) unjustifiably increased a client’s income. You may wonder if this could be problematic, but it can have disastrous consequences. Read on to find out how we saved a client from bankruptcy and helped our client turn debt into savings.


Changing the Law


Forgotten deductions for losses and securities from 2009, can be deducted in 2017.

Since 2014, we have been working with several tax cases, where the taxpayers lost very large deductions for unnoticed capital losses in 2009.