Tax Cases


Have you received a letter from the Danish Tax Authorities (SKAT)? - It can be worth it to make a complaint sooner rather than later…


Many people and companies feel that it is completely futile to argue against the tax authorities. Do you also feel like you are facing an insurmountable wall?


The tax authorities have unlimited resources that they can use in a tax case - and they do use them. If you do not have professional expertise and insights about tax matters, it may be impossible to get through with arguments. At SkatteInform we know tax law and practices; and we understand the weaknesses of tax authorities. With our help, it can be useful to submit a complaint about the tax authorities' decisions.


For each case, we assess whether or not we have the potential to be fully or partially reimbursed for a complaint. If we do not believe there is a chance, we will not recommend submitting an appeal.


If we win the case, the public sector pays the full cost of a professional advisor. If we do not win the case, the public sector pays half of the expenses.


Contact Us 

Du er altid velkommen til at kontakte os for et uforpligtende møde, hvis du ønsker en foreløbig vurdering af en given skattesag.


  • We will make a qualified assessment of your ability to appeal and win the tax case.
  • We will deal with the costs involved in bringing the case, and we will explain the rules about what you can receive from the government, in terms of cost compensation.
  • We will also explain the pros and cons of submitting a complaint and bringing a case to the Tax Authorities, so you can decide whether or not it is the best option for you.


Whether you have a small tax question or would like an assessment of a larger tax case, we are available to assist you with qualified advice.


Call us at 33 32 10 10 or send us an e-mail at


If you would like to be contacted by SkatteInform State-Authorised Accountant Partnership, CVR-nr. 35394206, feel free to use our contact form below. Your privacy and personal information will be respected and processed in accordance with the Personal Data Regulation. You will be contacted by our team for the best possible response to your inquiry.