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SkatteInform - A State-Authorised auditing company

SkatteInform is a State-Authorised auditing company with extensive experience in auditing and reporting financial statements. We carry out reviews and provide extended reviews for all types of customers and industries; for small and medium-size businesses. We not only review Limited Liability and Limited Partnership companies, we also assist non-profit, voluntary associations and self-employed companies. Furthermore, we help with the assistance statements, for those clients who so desire. We are committed to maintaining high quality, regardless of the statement the client requests in the annual report. Therefore, it is important that the items in the accounts are matched and properly documented.




Accounting That Creates Value for You

At SkatteInform, you receive accounting that creates value. We focus on your business. We verify that the accounts comply with the regulatory requirements. In this context, we also assist with the preparation of the Management Report and the preparation of the General Meeting Protocol. As a SkatteInform client, you receive an informative internal account, primarily used by the company itself, the bank, their related affiliates and associates. For the bank, their affiliates and associates, more information is provided in the annual report than is required by law. We offer an annual accounting meeting, where we review the company's annual report with management.


We make the most of maintaining close contact with our customers and have extensive knowledge of the individual company. This insight is precisely the base that we use to provide financial advice on a regular basis and offer savings on our business relationships. In addition, this close contact ensures that we can provide our clients with concrete and useful advice based on in-depth knowledge of the company's and industry’s challenges and opportunities.


Auditing That Creates Value

With a Declaration of Assurance, completed by our State-Authorised Accountants, you will receive your annual report with an assurance of credibility. We focus on both the statutory audit and the tasks we encounter in carrying out the audit, which can create value for the company. We take the time to familiarise ourselves with your company. This helps optimize the processes and enables us to advise you on appropriate internal controls, etc.


Are You Considering a Voluntary Audit?

If your business wants better opportunities for loans and credits, it may be a good idea to review your company's accounts. This applies if your company wants to borrow money from the bank, attract capital from investors, or obtain credit with your suppliers. Did you know that a revised account increases the credibility of your accounting information? For example, it can help lower the interest rate on your bank overdraft. The Statement of Assurance gives the green light that investors and creditors can trust and confirms that corporate accounts are fair. Overall, an external audit adds confidence and better business terms.


When Does an Audit Become an Obligation?

In Denmark, there are statutory (mandatory) audits and voluntary audits. Voluntary audits only apply to Class B companies. Statutory auditing is a requirement by law for companies that exceed the following conditions while operating in Class B; or any companies in Class C or D. If the enterprise is covered by accounting class C or D, the starting point is an audit.

A company covered by Class B may not be obligated to revise the financial statements if, in the two consecutive financial years at the balance sheet date, the enterprise does not exceed two of the following sizes:


  • A balance sheet with a total of 4 million. kr.
  • A net turnover of 8 million. kr.
  • An average number of 12 full-time employees during the fiscal year

 If the two of the size limits are exceeded for two consecutive years, the company must have the financial statements audited for the fiscal year (a statutory audit), in which the size limit is exceeded for the second time.


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