International Taxation


International taxation of a person or business

SkatteInform is a tax advisory firm with many years of experience with advising expatriates and those with economic ties to foreign countries. We provide services to determining tax of a person or business subject to the Danish tax laws, as well as the individual international aspects that may have an impact on the Danish taxation. Perhaps you have received a job in Denmark and are unsure about how to proceed in terms of tax. When you are unsure about retaining your tax liability to Denmark and your tax deductions, we can help and advise you about, how these matters should be handled.


In order to deliver expert advice, it is important that we know the client's background and future plans. This way, we can provide sound advice and you can stay ahead of the rules.


Please note that you may be penalized if you fail to properly file a tax return, even if you do not know the rules.


A little about Danish Tax on Foreign Income

As a full taxpayer to Denmark, you are taxed according to the global income principle. This means that from the outset you are taxable on any income, regardless of where in the world the income comes from, ie. all income earned in Denmark or abroad is taxed in Denmark.


In order to avoid the possibility of double taxation as a result of the global income principle, a number of internal rules have been introduced in Denmark, which are intended to alleviate this possibility.


In addition, double taxation agreements have been signed in Denmark with a number of countries in order to clarify which country is primarily entitled to the tax income; thereby avoiding double taxation by the taxpayer.


In addition to the double taxation rules, there are also internal rules in Denmark. These rules determine which kind of credit you receive. The two different types of credits are:


  • Credits for paid foreign tax
  • Exemption of tax regarding to the foreign income.


Danish tax depends on a number of different factors - e.g. number of days you stay in the working country versus Denmark, whether the employer has a permanent place of business or is a resident in the working country, the duration of the stay abroad, etc. Social security is another important factor that must be considered when traveling abroad. We offer advice about these convoluted rules and how they apply to your situation, so you can rest easy knowing that your tax is in good hands.


Below we have listed some of the areas, in which we have extensive expertise:


Skatterådgivning og hjælp af statsautoriseret revisor

Relocation to Denmark

Skatterådgivning og hjælp af statsautoriseret revisor

You Live in Denmark and Work Abroad

Taxation of Pilots and Cabin Crew

You Live and Work Abroad

Rental Accounting of Property, Parent Purchases

You Live in Denmark and Have Pensions or Wealth Abroad

beskatning af værdipapirer

Foreign Securities

acontoskat, restskat for selskaber, selskabsret

Expat Scheme for Researchers and Key Employees