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Here at SkatteInform, we are a team composed of State-Authorized Accountants and a few talented tax consultants, who specialize in tax law, the Danish Financial Statements Act, the Danish Companies Act, accounting and fiscal case-law.

We have extensive experience and expertise within tax consultancy, tax cases, auditing and accounting. Over the years, we have used our strengths to help individuals and companies of all sizes, in every industry.


Our expertise ensures that both the legal and economic aspects of your case are taken into account. 



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Shortcuts to more profits

Taxation of Pilots and Cabin Crew

It can be difficult to understand the tax rules for pilots and cabin crew working internationally for an airline based and headquartered abroad. There are some key factors that determine, to which country a pilot or cabin crew is taxable.

Larger deductions for companies and businesses that need to invest in fixed assets or small assets

Before Christmas, Folketinget has decided to give the business sector tax benefits from investments before the New Year.


Important information about aid packages offered by the Danish government is available on the Tax Authority website. The website is updated regularly with new government initiatives. 

The Business Scheme (virksomhedsordningen)

If you are self-employed or are you considering starting a business, it may be valuable for you to consider whether you want to run the business personally and through the Business Tax Scheme.


11 Things You Need to Know about Tax in Denmark

The following 11 points are the ones the SkatteInform team thinks are the most important ones for you to know. This article is not all-encompassing, rather it gives you a quick, informative overview of 11 things you need to know about tax in Denmark.



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