The Wrong Decision from Skattestyrelsen


Skattestyrelsen was wrong

In several cases Skattestyrelsen (The Danish Tax Authorities) have made the wrong decision. The wrong decision means that the taxpayer has to pay too much tax. Too much tax in Denmark could be a lot of money. In this case, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of DKK.

The team at SkatteInform has solved this problem for many clients, who have received a wrong decision from Skattestyrelsen. In this case, by finding a seldom-utilised alternative, we received a fast, effective decision that was advantageous for our client. The alternative way prevented the case from dragging on and escalating. This resulted in our client saving an inordinate amount of money on both taxes and fees.


Taxation of Straff Benefits

Skattestyrelsen can be restrictive when assessing the possible taxation of employee benefits, which resulted in completely unreasonable taxation on amounts that the taxpayer had not even earned.


We were allowed to change the tax assessment and received additional deductions for expenses, for which Skattestyrelsen had refused deductions. The client did not have to pay tax on this particular issue; and thus avoided unnecessary tax.