Tax due to an Auditing Error


Multi-million crown tax demand from the Danish Tax Authorities (SKAT)

A client came to us in desperate need of help after receiving a multi-million crown tax demand from the Danish Tax Authorities (SKAT). The demand resulted from an auditing error. Inge Nilsson found the mistake and figured out how to fix it. Her expertise saved both the auditor and the client a great deal of money and stress.

We were able to bring, and eventually win the case at the Supreme Court. We did this in cooperation with a tax lawyer. We won the case, when we convinced the judge that the client had not made a decision, that could not have resulted in the tax-payment demanded by the Danish Tax Authorities (SKAT).  This is becasuse the auditor cannot make decisions on behalf of the client, however the auditor is responsible for their mistakes resulting from errors. The error in question was made by the auditor alone. To their credit, the auditor notified SKAT quickly, upon becoming aware of their error. In the end, we got justice for our client.


If we had lost the case, the auditor would be liable reimburse the client, for a portion of the money out of his own pocket. Since we won the case, the client was fully reimbursed and the auditor did not have to pay. Winning the case was better for everyone involved, nobody lost money and everyone was saved from the stress, which would have resulted from the taxes.


We can save others in similar situations. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of tax legislation enable us to create security for our clients and partners.