Auditor and adviser access to SKAT for companies

To get started with your case, we ask you to authorize us with SKAT so that we can access your tax file.

Below you will find instructions on how you, as a company or business owner, can give us authorization.



1. Log in as Erhverv/Business

2. Select 'Profile and Contact Information'


3. Select 'Rettigheder til TastSelv'/'Rights to TastSelv'

4. Select Authorize auditor and others.

​5. Select the area you want to grant access under Rights

Here we must have access to the following:

  • eIncome
  • VAT / moms
  • Tax account - account owner / Skattekonto – kontoejer
  • Tax Return companies etc. / Selvangivelse selskaber m.fl.
  • Tax information
  • Divident tax and recipients / Udbytteskat og modtagere

6. Then press the arrow

7. Enter your auditor's CVR or SE number under CVR / SE no.

SkatteInform and have cvr. No. 35394206.


8. Then press the arrow after CVR / SE no

9. In the field under End date, select how long the access should be valid

10. Lastly, press the 'Save' / 'Gem' button.