Crushing Debt Becomes Savings


Unfair personel tax claim

This case centered on an unfair personal tax claim of approximately two million crowns. The Danish Tax Authorities (SKAT) unjustifiably increased a client’s income. You may wonder if this could be problematic, but it can have disastrous consequences. Read on to find out how we saved a client from bankruptcy and helped our client turn debt into savings.

This story was particularly tragic because the client had a breakdown and was forced to go on stress-leave because he could not make the payments to pay back a debt, that he believed was unfair in the first place. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending.


I [Inge Nilsson] first met this client randomly on the street. After hearing his story, I agreed to look at his case. The client was already close to bankruptcy due to the unfair tax requirements. We decided to take on the case and we won this case for our client at the National Tax Tribunal.


We are happy to report that today, our client is back to work and mentally, he is as healthy as he was before the case began. Moreover, his debt has become savings.