Availability Taxation

The Danish Tax Authorities (SKAT) strictly enforce the rules about availability tax on major shareholders.

Accountants are rarely able to win the cases because it is so difficult to prove the intentions and reasoning behind actions taken many years ago. We were able to overcome the obstacles, with great results for our clients.

Imagine you bought a house 10-15 years ago and now you are forced to prove the intention behind buying the house. How would you prove that you did not buy the house for the purpose of tax evasion? The thought has probably never crossed your mind; and therefore you likely would not have any evidence to prove that you did not buy the house in order to evade taxes. This is the reason these cases can be so difficult for taxpayers to win: it is always difficult to prove something you had never even considered and do not have evidence to prove.


We have won several cases in this area at the National Tax Tribunal. We can assess whether you, as a major shareholder, can win your case.


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