9. Securities and Other Activities Abroad: During Your Stay in Denmark


If you stay for a long period of time in Denmark (as described in the section in this article about full tax liability), and you own securities, property or other assets abroad; you must report and pay tax on the capital appreciation of some assets for the period you are fully tax liable to Denmark. In Denmark, we call this "Garden Gate taxation". For this tax, liability commences on the day you step through the gate of (the first day you set foot in Denmark) for the first time. It ends the day you exit through gate again (leave Denmark).


This tax requires you to enter the market value of some of your assets at the time of your arrival in Denmark. If you sell the assets during the period, in which you are fully liable to Denmark, you must pay tax on the difference between the selling price and the value at the time of your entry to Denmark.


When you move out of Denmark, your assets are considered sold and you must pay tax on the value increase during the period you were fully liable to pay tax to Denmark, even though you still own them and have not sold any of them. If you cannot pay the tax, because you have not realized a gain on the assets, then it is possible to obtain a grace period on tax paid until you sell the assets. However, in order to apply for this grace period, you must meet some requirements. This means that you must  take stock of your inventory every year before June 30th, reporting what was bought and sold in your portfolio over the year.


There are three different retention schemes. One for shares, one for bonds and one for other assets.

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