6. Does Your Company Need Foreign Workers

Some worker only pay 32.84 % tax for up to seven years

Companies can hire highly-skilled foreign workers, who only have to pay 32.84% tax for up to seven years.

In Denmark, we call this expat scheme the Tax scheme for foreign researchers and highly-paid employees.

The rules apply to anyone who both:

  • Becomes taxable to Denmark because of their employment.
  • Has a salary at or above 74 100 DKK(2024) per month, before labour market contributions.

This scheme is aimed at highly educated persons (including professors) and other highly-skilled workers.

There are many cases, where employees can have problems, as a result of the complicated nature of the rules. For this reason, we recommend that you seek further advice about the scheme. We can assist and advise you and your employee about which types deductions you are eligible for; and how to plan these deductions between your employee and their spouse.


To learn more about the scheme and The Danish Tax Authorities' (SKAT) requirements: click here


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