1. When do You Become Taxable in Denmark


You can be taxable in Denmark in two ways

You can be taxable in Denmark in two ways. You are either full taxable or partial taxable. Full taxable means that you must file your tax return and pay tax on the entirety of your global income, regardless of the type of income. Conversely, those who are partially taxable must only pay tax from their sources of income within Denmark. For example, this could be income from working for a temporary period, board fees, dividends from shares or rent income from a rental property in Denmark.


Full Tax Liability

You will be fully liable to pay tax on your global income to Denmark, if you have a residence at your disposal in Denmark and are staying permanently in Denmark (aside from vacation and holidays). You must be very careful about doing business in Denmark, if you have access to a home.


Longer stay in Denmark will make you fully taxable

If you stay in Denmark for a longer period, you will automatically become fully taxable. If you find yourself in this situation or if you will be in this situation in the future, we recommend seeking professional advice.


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